Dream day in Cheverny

Today was our first full day in Cheverny after traveling from Paris yesterday via the Chambord chateaux. Cheverny is approximately 230km from our Paris campsite.

Driving the motor home to Cheverny was easier than any other trip and it was beginning to feel car like; quite an accomplishment for something that’s over 7 meters long, 2.5 meters wide with a height of over 2.5 meters.

Today was a dream day for me (Tim). It was a day with a relaxed start, some good exercise (morning bike road to Cheverny with a wander around the marche and boulanger), morning snooze while the kids home schooled and a family bike ride in the afternoon back to the chateaux. Today was a milestone day on a couple of fronts; Daniel road over 9km on 2 wheels on his own for the first time (whilst I ran next to him) and Karen and I sat by the side of the heated pool whilst the 3 boys swam unassisted. Today was by far the most relaxing day of our trip and we’re slowly getting into a routine. I’m also reliably informed that today is the summer solstice so I would expect the relaxation to continue well past 11pm in the light tonight.

The chateaux of Cheverny was quite interesting but was not as grand as others. This was the 2nd one we’ve seen and the only one fully furnished. It amazes me how opulent they are and how many of them were so under utilized. The chateaux in Chambord was only used for 72 days in King Francis I 32 year reign. In both the Cheverny and Chambord cases the complex building works were completed well after the people that dreamed up the lavish plans died. The Chiverny chateaux was full of many antiques of national significance including many pieces used by the Kings and Queens of that time. The boys were particularly taken by the weapons room which according to the tradition of the day was to turn the largest room in the house into a weapons show piece. This one included knights’ armor, swords, pistols, rifles and other dangerous weapons. Caleb was keen to turn our largest room at home into the ‘weapons’ room.

The Les Salles campground is by far the best and the boys rate it as a 10/10 on the Masterchef scale. It has a heated pool, games room, mini golf, volleyball court, very clean showers and toilets and backs onto one of the 13 cycle tracks that connects many of the key places in the Loire valley. I’d love to have a quality bike with some more time to explore all the tracks. We’ll stay here another night after tonight before heading south.