Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! Normandy and Sword, Gold, Juno, Omaha and Utah.

Hi all, Today we went to the D-day beaches. Leaving at 10:45 am, we headed towards Arromanches. This town is near Gold beach. After watching the 9 screen D-day movie we exited into the shop (typical). Exiting the shop, we strolled down the hill, passing an Allied tank on the way. Throughout the town were […]

Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! September 1st. Mont St Michel or St Michel’s Mount.

Hi all, We started the day of in pretty normal fashion, except this time we had actually decided what to do on the day before. We were going to Mont St Michel. This famous mount is a island about a kilometre off the coast of France. As the mount is 2 hours away, we started […]

Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe. 30th of August. Pointe du Hoc and a lazy afternoon.

Hi All, On our first day in Pointe du Hoc we decided, after waiting at home for 2 hours, to go to the real Pointe du Hoc. This hilltop point, situated in between Utah and Omaha beaches, was a fortified artillery battery which formed part of the German Atlantic wall in WW2. When we got […]

Josh’s Blog – Back 2 Europe 2015! 29th of August. Buffets, flowers and a great rental home.

Hi all, We woke the next morning feeling refreshed and energised. After getting ready to leave from our hotel, we decided to have the breakfast that they offered there. The breakfast was okay, even though I didn’t think it deserved to be called a buffet. Maybe there could be a menu out the front saying: […]

Hello class!

Bonjour class, we are having a great time! Yesterday we got to our camp site and guess were we are? Carcassonne! I never thought that I would be here. It’s a lovely camp site it’s even got a pool (but not a heated one though!). It has the first computer game room in all the […]