Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! Monday 26th of October. Our last day of… Vacation in Venice.

Hi all, As you have probably gathered from the title, it was our last day of holiday today. This is because tomorrow we will get to our airport hotel, and then the day after that we will be flying home. Anyway, I’ll tell you about my day. Today, we went to the maritime museum. We […]

Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! Sunday 25th of October. Visualising views of Venice

Hi all, I will give you a quick rundown on the last three days before I do today. Athens was our last port, and after that we had a sea day, before arriving in Venice at about 2pm. We then got off the boat the next day after a very amazing, relaxing and fun and […]

Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! 20th and 21st of October. Entering and exiting Ephesus, and Attacking Athens (just kidding)

Hi all, We went to Ephesus two days ago. The boat arrived, and we disembarked at about 1pm, and went straight to our bus tour. Ephesus is about 1/2 an hour away from the port of Kudasi, so this is why we got a bus tour. From a non-historical point of view, Ephesus is just a […]

Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! Sunday 11th of October. Park Güell and the Casa Milá.

Hi all, As we had booked tickets to go to Park Güell in the afternoon, we thought we would have a relax in the morning. “Thought” being the key word. Gran and Poppy wanted to go see the Casa Milá, an apartment building by Gaudi which was quite ‘different’. So Gran, Poppy and I took […]

Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! Saturday 10th of October. Barcelona and a bus tour.

Hi all, Today was our first day in Barcelona. We arrived by plane at 4pm yesterday, and got a taxi to our apartment. So today we wanted to do a little bit of sightseeing. I don’t know if any of you readers know, but Barcelona was the home of Gaudi, a modern architect who is […]

Josh’s Blog. Back 2 Europe 2015! Thursday 8th of October. The Globe, the British Library, Golden Hinde II, and Millenium Bridge.

Hi all (again), Today was: see everything that we haven’t seen yet day, which turned out to be pretty big. We did a diverse variety of things from ships, to books, to theatres. How about I start with the first thing we saw, and then go from there? Great idea! Okay, the British Library was […]