Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe 2017! The majestic Mosel and zig-zagging streets of Zell

  Hi all, Today was a ‘day of relaxation’ as mum put it. Apparently relaxation involves taking a two hour round trip of the river Mosel plus an hour play on the playground (for Matthew not me) plus an hour and a half being dragged around the streets of a typical Moselian (is that the […]

Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe: Expensive eating and heavenly harbours

Hi all, I am writing this blog because apparently we have to write one every day (not what I was told at the beginning of the trip). But that’s okay, you all enjoy reading them so why not? So today we visited an art gallery, and also walked around the harbour of Copenhagen. The art […]

Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe 2017: Tivoli Today and Organic Overall

Hi all, We are in Copenhagen. I woke up this morning, washed my hair with organic shampoo, then went downstairs and ate breakfast (organic rice bubbles with organic milk) and then packed my bag with some (yes you guessed it) organic water. Copenhagen seems obsessed with organic food – practically everything in the supermarket is […]