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  1. Looking forward to your first blog on this trip. Hope you arrived without incident. Love MUM/Sue/Grandma

  2. Ian says that just the thought of your being away for so long is enough for him to be missing you after little more than 24 hours.

  3. Hello! Come on already…..where are the details of the epic flight? Hope it all went well and you have had a few good sleeps. If you have no time to blog, maybe send us a quick few lines on fb with some pics:)
    Have a great first week! TG

  4. Hi Graydens…we eventually got published! Bit hard without reliable internet. We should be right for the next week now! Hope it’s not too boring reading

  5. Lovely lot of photos. Glad we have changed from the 2.40am flight. Sounds horrible. Yes Josh the A380 also has staircase at the back. Upstairs is mostly business and a smaller section for Premium Economy on the Qantas planes.
    The barn/ house looks fantastic it will be lovely to have a home base that’s such a delight and so close to the Normandy landing sites.
    What a great little traveller Matty is.
    Does the luggage all fit in the car? Could you use your car seat? See you have used the much discussed stroller.
    Loved your blog entries. Did you take some of the photos with the LUMIX Josh?

  6. We love your blogs. Getting up each morning full of expectation for your news. Daniel is quite a comedian! Keep it up. We are so proud of you all. You must be very fit!!!! Last night’s Hawks game against West Coast was a debacle. We watched it at Mirie’s and I went home after half time – I preferred to be in bed than watch the massacre. DreamS of a third cup are rapidly receding. Keep safe. Last day riding.

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