Two days into one

Hi all. This blog may seem to be written differently and that is because it is a recount of what happened yesterday. This is because we had such an exhausting day that the governess mother, forgot about the tyranny of writing such an awful blog.
Day 1: My least favourite activities include shopping, and walking. Well, I couldn’t imagine a worse combo than what we did. First after being harassed to get out of bed, we rushed to the shops only to find we weren’t going to by anything. So we set off on our journey around the town, thought the villages and finally back to the shops again where I blew my money on a soccer ball and lollies. The two typical combos that most people would associate with me. Mr Latte also bought his share of lollies for himself as well. With an assortment of spoons and coffee machines he seemed to have the most money in the family. When we finally arrived home, “someone” came up with the great idea that we should go hiking. Well, Josh and I didn’t think much of this idea but alas, we were forced to go. So we started faking injuries. While waiting for Gran at the playground, Josh Mr Latte and I “broke” different parts of our body like arms, legs, mug handles, until what we thought was enough to stop us coming. Well our mother saw straight through our ploy and punished us by making us carry the dreaded backpack. When we finally reached the peak we saw an amazing view from up there and finally I relished why we came. From all the views that we have seen, from the Swiss Alps to Hitler’s Birdseye I single out this view to be the most amazing view of all. The tiny white houses with their triangular roofs to the glistening Mosel river were all part of this amazing experience.
I hope you have enjoyed this blog.
Love Daniel
Day 2:To start our day we were called up out of bed only to find that we had a few hours before we would start to tour. Well, because of an unfair descision, we were made to organise everything, that’s right, everything, before we could have our iPad time. So, Josh went back to bed, Caleb did so too and of course the darling dead-on Daniel decided to do the right thing, he made himself organised. When our family finally became ready, we decided that two thirds of our eight would bike ride along the Mosel. We eventually found a place to bike ride to and set off. As we had no helmets, Josh and I could not accelerate down the hill. Our destination was a small town named Berg which was an exhausting 3.4km away. After our bike ride we decided to tour a small town named Bernkastle-kues. Surprisingly this though, this town was Mr Latte’s hometown. As we arrived, we heard a small cheer from the many latte cups in the town welcoming him home. We also heard an assortment of growls coming from the coffee machines. After walking around the town we decided that we would buy a one euro ice cream. While Matthew, Caleb, Gran, Poppy and I decided that we would either have single or double scoop comes (which cost 2€ each) Josh and Mum decided to go all out and buy and buy chocolate ice cream with cream and chocolate syrup laced around the large milkshake cup that they were given and a wafer dipped into this extravaganza. After this exhausting day we jogged (slowly because of Josh) down to the park to play soccer. After this we headed out for dinner which all of us ordered a pork schnitzel.
I hope you have enjoyed this recount
The End

Love Daniel

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  1. Hi Daniel. I’ve forgotten what happened to Mrs Mug. Has she been superseded by Mr Latte? who must be a good excuse for more unhealthy goodies. Grandma and I are pleased that you and Josh have fully recovered from your ‘injuries’. If I can persuade Grandma to make spaghetti Eis for dinner, perhaps you would prefer pork schnitzel.
    See you soon and lots of love, Grandpa

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