Looking through Caleb’s lens. Last day in Europe

Dreaded Drudgery as I Dutifully do my dumb, disastrous, blog.
Yesterday, I neglected to do my blog. Today, I am doing it in the car. So goodbye scenery and the point of being in the Mosel! I say goodbye to the beautiful countryside, and to anyone not paying attention, I could well be back in Melbourne. Yes, leaving the joys of Germany is hard, but what can one do? Stand up to the cruel taskmaster that plagues the household? Certainly not! So here goes. Yesterday morning we were woken up at the crack of dawn, on the point of Mum’s whip, and frog marched around the house until we where ready. After this truly hair-raising ordeal, I was left at home with Poppy and Matthew as the others went on a bike ride. The three of us left went to the playground to wait for them to finish. When they did, we went home and had lunch, did the chores and with that we where off to a town 10 and a 1/2 hours away. When we got there, it was well after midnight, so after buying a souvenir, and looking around, we turned around and went home. 10 minutes after I went to bed, we where woken up again and now here I sit, with the blog in my hands, when I am told I have to do the blog the day before yesterday, AS WELL!!! Goodness me, it’s going to be a long day. The day before yesterday, I went for a walk up a cliff (Mum’s idea*), and surprisingly, there was a view actually worth looking at. I thought this was what we had come for, but as usual I was stopped in my tracks. Many hours later, we stumbled back into our house, exhausted and dispirited. As this is my last day of writing my blog, I would love to write a quick recap of everything that has transpired in Europe. We have: stayed in a two star hotel, been to Alsace, seen the storks, tasted fine Rhine wine (just kidding!) been to Switzerland, been on the steepest railway track in the world, seen Verdun, and WW1 trenches, seen Tivoli gardens, had an $8 coffee, been to Copenhagen, experienced Danish design, been to the round tower, seen Nyhavn and many other famous canals, been on a cruise ship that holds 4000 people, seen Berlin and many, many scars of WW2, seen St Petersburg, been checked thoroughly by the Russian police, indirectly paid bribes, seen the Vasa, and the rock church, experienced the many wonderful attractions on the Norwegian Getaway, seen the marvellous Mosel, and been on a river cruise…GASP!!!! pant, pant, pant. What a mouthful! And not too bad for three and a bit weeks. Really, we have had a wonderful time in Europe, and I have been blown away by all their is to see on a continent that is smaller than Australia itself. See you all soon!

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  1. Thanks Caleb, until reading the summary of your adventures, I was thinking what a hard life you were leading!
    As much as you are enjoying Europe and I look forward to reading everyone’s blog each morning (that is when they a forced to write), how much more I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon. As I mentioned to Josh, I’m trying to persuade Grandma to have spaghetti Eis on the menu next time you are here (hopefully, next Thursday).7
    Lots of love, Grandpa

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