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Hi all,

As I’m sitting here trying to recount in a nicer way the great day we had yesterday, I happen to glance over at both my brothers’ works – about how terrible writing a blog is. So I will try and make this one seem enjoyable, and to be honest it was. But apparently it is actually two days that I am recounting so here goes.

Day 1: Walking and shopping
These would have to be my two least favourite activities. Why walk when you can bike ride, and why shop at all? Shopping is actually okay, but only when German chocolate is involved. In this case it was. I bought about 10 euros worth of it (courtesy of our language competition) and am going to stock up some more with another 7 euros when I get the chance. After this we went for a walk up our local mountain range. We walked along the top for a while and then came back down because it looked like it was going to rain. Such a shame. But no, the walk was okay, and the day was great because I got chocolate!

Day 2: Terrific transportation
Today was begun with a 3 km each way bike ride to a town where we had a hot chocolate. Upon completion of this delicious beverage we rode back to our town and had a game of soccer. After this we drove to a really pretty town. We were going to order spaghetti Eis again but Mum and I had a schololadebecker instead (basically a massive ice cream with lots of cream and cholocate sauce. Then we drove back home

So that was our two days, and somehow I took the longest time of everyone to write this blog, maybe this is because I put more thought into it?


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  1. Or was it because eating your chocolate got in the way of writing that your writing took longest? I’m trying to persuade Grandma to have spaghetti Eis on the menu when we hope to see you next Thursday.
    I hope that you have a good journey home when I hear that from Dubai you may be on the same plane as the Travelling Bugnos. Lots of love, Grandpa

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