Bike riding the Mosel

3rd Oct

We arose to a beautiful day. There was a slight change of plans, as Caleb decided he didn’t want to bike ride, while Mum decided that she did. So Mum, I, Josh and Daniel set off for a short ride along the Mosel to a small town a few kms down the road. It was stunning, with the river on one side and the vineyards on the other. Even though we had hardly earned it, we stopped at the town for a cup of tea/hot chocolate, partly so that Daniel could earn some points in the language competition. We met Caleb, Matthew and Dad back at our local playground for morning tea twenty minutes later. It seems our habits on the cruise ship are hard to give up!

In the afternoon, our other plans for a walk up to a castle ruin (another part of the Moselsteig) were thwarted when we discovered it would be too tricky for Dad. Instead, we kept driving to the next major town, Bernkastel-Kues. It took us ages to find a park, because it seemed every German and his dog (literally – there are a lot of dogs here) were out for lunch in this town on what was a public holiday. Bernkastel-Kues turned out to be worth visiting; it is an unbelievably quaint old town, with half-timbered houses everywhere. The kids could not pass up the opportunity to have another go at ordering something (due to the language competition of course), and consequently enjoyed ice cream while watching numerous bike riding tourists descend on the town in large packs. Driving to the town and back along the Mosel valley was extraordinarily pretty.

As Ankie (my pen friend) and her family are joining us tomorrow night, we had a celebratory ‘almost last’ meal out at a local hotel. I could not believe how cheap it was – about AUS $5 for a kid’s meal of schnitzel and chips (very German!) which was so large it could easily have been my dinner. We apparently entertained the other guests in the hotel, as they spent most of their time staring at us, as well as frustrated the waitress with our insufficient grasp of the German language (until Josh stepped in). All in all, a delicious and cheap dinner. Everyone rated the cruise segment of the holiday vs the German part, and for most, the cruise came out on top (but only just). We have enjoyed our time in Enkirch very much. Tomorrow, we leave early to tackle what is described as ‘the best castle in Europe’ – Burg Eltz.

Admiring the grapes: ‘they have wine in them’

Enjoying our ‘eis’

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