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2nd Oct

Dad was sick with a cold today – it has gone through most of the family now – so we canceled our plans to do a castle. Instead, we left Dad behind to recover and spent the morning at a nearby town (Traben-Trabrach) looking at the shops and buying food. We could not believe how cheap Lego was; Matthew scored a Cars set. After wandering around there for a while, and planning the meal that we will cook for my penfriend and her family (visiting us on Wednesday), we went home for lunch. This afternoon’s project was ‘the hike’. One of Germany’s most beautiful and longest hikes, the Moselsteig, goes literally past our front door. This 365km hike runs the entire German side of the Mosel river, from the Luxembourg border to Koblenz. The boys took a bit of persuading (apart from Caleb who was very keen), even though I wasn’t planning to do the entire 365kms today. We left Dad at home to rest, and set off. A strategically positioned playground a little way up the path provided a good incentive for Matthew to set off without complaining (unlike Josh and Daniel who were feigning injuries at every turn).

Within 20 mins, we were walking the ridge of the hill with spectacular views down to the Mosel across the vines. The path was clearly signposted, with many park benches to relax and enjoy the view, as well as huts providing shelter. Unfortunately, the weather looked as if it might take a turn for the worst, so within an hour and a half we were almost back at home. Matthew proved a trooper at walking (altogether he walked around 13kms today). I wish we could have gone for much longer.

One of Daniel’s purchases at the shops was a soccer ball, so I took the kids down to the river for a quick game before tea tonight. I still can’t get over the beautiful setting.

Tomorrow, the plan is to bike ride along the Mosel, and to climb over an abandoned castle on our way up the hill in another part of the Moselsteig walk. I hope the weather holds!

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  1. Although not so good for Lin, that seems like a pleasant day enjoying your beautiful surroundings. Matthew’s walking is reminiscent of his Dad climbing Mt Bogong at age five. Already he is setting an example to his brothers and their feigned injuries.Perhaps he’ll be the one who walks the whole 365 km! Enjoy these last days. Love to you all, Ian

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