Looking through Caleb’s lens

Hi all, day three was scheduled for a river cruise, and this took just about the whole day. The river boat passed through many beautiful vineyards, some of them situated on cliffs, terraced for easy access. What really capped the cruise off, though, was the passing of the “wine capital of the Mosel”, on a bend in the river. This stunning bend was chock-a-block with vineyards, and even had a castle on a hill. Near the end of the cruise we tried our first hot chocolate made with pure cocoa. Incredibly bitter! At the town at the end of the cruise, Zell, we found one of Germany’s famous spaghetti ice shops, and (after eating a roll for lunch) we decided to $plurge on $paggetti ice. It was delicious, although incredibly unhealthy. Oh well, it’s a holiday, isn’t it? As the boat was leaving in ten minutes, we headed back to the boat along a nice-looking waterfront bathed in sunshine and colourful bunting. Back at the boat, we enjoyed our cruise home, where Matty learned a new German word: Bitte! After this cruise, we spent some time on a playground, complete with a Flying fox, and a seesaw. After this we went home, with Matthew still a bundle of energy. I don’t know how he does it! We were all exhausted.

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