Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe 2017! The majestic Mosel and zig-zagging streets of Zell


Hi all,

Today was a ‘day of relaxation’ as mum put it. Apparently relaxation involves taking a two hour round trip of the river Mosel plus an hour play on the playground (for Matthew not me) plus an hour and a half being dragged around the streets of a typical Moselian (is that the right word?) town, Zell.

Actually it wasn’t that bad at all. The boat cruise was really pretty. In addition we ordered hot chocolates making the trip 150% better (they did have whipped cream on them too). Then we arrived in Zell and wandered around the streets eventually finding an ‘Eis Cafe’ (ice cream shop) where we had spaghetti Eis. Yes, ice cream and spaghetti do mix together. It was delicious. Everyone else (including Matthew agreed). Later we took the boat back and then strolled back to our house for some actual relaxation. Well that’s what I thought – until the blog part came in.

So that was all for our relaxing day. Yes, very relaxing.


if you look closely enough you can see Caleb’s ‘Spaghetti Eis’

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