Cruising the Mosel

Ice creams in Zell



Oct 1st

The sun is shining as I sit on our 4th floor balcony with a cup of tea, enjoying the view amongst the vineyards. It is so peaceful. We spent today enjoying our local playground, and taking a cruise on the Mosel from our town, Enkirch. The cruise went for about an hour down the river to the town of Zell. Zell was filled with lovely old buildings and is much more touristy than our town. We wandered around the town for 1.5 hours, sampling something Josh has been looking forward to all trip- spaghetti ice (ice cream in the shape of tubes with strawberry topping and peanuts, made to look like spaghetti with tomato sauce and parmesan). Apparently, it lived up to the high expectations set. Our cruise back was just as idyllic as the one there. Vineyards were everywhere (with their trellises up straight in the air rather than along a horizontal line as ours are), swans and ducks cruised on the river, the sun shone off the pretty Mosel, and we saw cute old German houses in all the towns we passed. There was an amazing looking bike track all the way along, with plenty of people out enjoying their rides. We passed a number of caravan parks where the vans were parked right up against the water. A retirement trip maybe for Tim and I? I’m sure Tim would love it here.

The language competition continued today. Josh was a clear winner two days ago; Daniel took the prize today (we did not do anything while we were with Maike’s family). Daniel and Caleb have become very competitive with it, and each of them fights for the chance to ask someone something…anything! Daniel even asked for a beer for Dad today. I’m hoping for more sun tomorrow, as I am keen to try hiking up to the top of the mountain behind us. I wonder how far we will get with Matty!


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  1. Thanks Karen.
    Rather than my trying to respond to each of Josh, Caleb and Daniel, please thank each of them for their blog. Sue and I love to read their writing which provides their perspective on what you are doing.
    Spaghetti ice cream seems a great Thursday dinner option as being much more efficient by rolling the main dish and dessert into a single course!
    Enjoy these last days of your European adventure. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can after your return. ‘Bye for now and lots of love to you all, Ian

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