A new traveller and something to write about

Hi all. Today I have been offered a bribe to write a blog instead of being forced. The bribe was to watch a movie if I wrote my blog. I asked Mrs Mug about this and she agreed with me wholeheartily. After I told her about this, she texted back that her long lost cousin, four times removed, husband’s second cousin would be happy to fill in for her. I graciously accepted as I didn’t have anything to write about. She said his name was Mr Latte.

We started our day with a late start. We eventually worked our way out the door at a snail’s pace to make our way way down to the playground that is next to the Mosel. The reason why we made our way to the playground at that late time in the morning, is that we were catching a boat ride at 12pm. As it was only 10:30am we had a mammoth of time to play on the playground. 90% of this time was used riding the flying fox until Caleb fell off. Typical. Finally when the boat ride came, the comp started for who would win the most points for speaking German. Was it the catastrophic Caleb, the geeky Josh or the darlingly dazzled dead-on Daniel? Please guess who won in the comments below. Today’s hint:The person who is the best at languages won by a massive margin. While watching the scenery, I realised that the Mosel is massively underrated for its natural beauty. I also realised that Mr Latte was just about to fall in to the monstrous Mosel. The river itself sparkled as if the sun was shining onto a thousand jewels and then, only then, I realised that it was time for a hot chocolate laced to the top with whipped cream. Once we had arrived into our little town named Zell, we traipsed around looking for something to do. Well, little might be a small understatement because this “town” was nearly as large as a small city. After buying a delicious Spaghetti Ice we decided to head back to our river cruise and head on back to our house. When we docked at our port, Matthew and I ran ahead to catch two minutes on the playground before the other hoard come back. Mr Latte also joined us for this activity, but because he is only a Latte cup he couldn’t run at the fastest pace. So we left him behind. When we finally arrived back at our five story house we all had about 15 minutes before we were forced to write our blogs.

The End

Love Daniel

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