One less traveller

Hi all. When I first wrote my blog I had decided that I would write my blog every two days so that there would be more action in the blog for people to read. But again I have been forced to write. I am starting to think it is a capital crime for a mother to force their child to write a blog. I was given the same options as yesterday when being asked to write my blog. To write my blog or to help make dinner, set the table, do the washing and then finally to write my blog. Again I choose the first option.

Today started off with an early start for some, but for me this was a late start because we had to start beginning making preparations for the day at 7:30am (rather than 5am). Today, our drive was only meant to take 1 hour but it ended up taking 1.5 hours because of navigation problems as of course, Mrs Mug was directing us. After arriving at a beautiful spot along the Rhine river, we waited for our former au pair to arrive with her family. Maike and her family were caught in a traffic jam so they were about 1/2 an hour late. We took a 2 minute cable car trip while being entertained by Caleb (where he was discussing that if one rope snapped we would start plummeting down into the green bushes, gaining speed to a gruesome death). All we could respond with was, “Pleasant isn’t it?” with teeth clenched together. After walking around the fortress for about 1 and a half hours while discussing what had happened since we saw each other, we asked ourselves whether the fortress had ever been attacked. The walls were about three meters thick, and there were barricades everywhere. Our answer was ‘we don’t know’ as most things were in German. After this interesting trip up the mountain, we were hosted by the Bonger family to lunch. As we all had large appetites, (including Mrs Mug who ordered an espresso), I can imagine that this lunch probably would’ve costed quite a bit. After an Italian meal, my beloved companion Mrs Mug decided she would not come back to Australia but she would in fact stay in this Italian restaurant. Yes, you heard me. No Mugs left. Mr Mug plummeted to his death, and Mrs Mug decided she would stay in an Italian restaurant. After wishing her well, we continued on our journey with one less passenger than before. Then the dreaded rain started. We all rushed back to the car, said our well wishes, and drove home to a freezing house. When my body hit the cold I realised that Denmark and Germany have very wide heat differences. In Denmark, they like to crank the thermostat up to around 30* but in Germany they decide that 12* is too hot so they make it cooler. Well maybe not, but it still was very cold.

After losing a traveller, I have still decided to write about Mrs Mug. Just before we parted she asked me if I could upload the texts that I was receiving from her. Being the nice person that I am, I said yes.

Enjoy yourselves.
Love Daniel

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