Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe 2017! Cable-Car Koblenz

Hi All,

Today we went to Koblenz for the day, and saw our German au pair that we had 3 years ago – Maike, and her family. Koblenz is quite a pretty town with a cable car running up over the Rhine and up onto a mountain that is obviously a strategic place (there is a fort built on it). The fort was interesting, it had been invaded in 1918 by the British and then was used as a anti-bomber base during the Second World War. We visited this fort and the park adjoining it with Maike and her family and then had lunch in a restaurant (a rare treat for us). I had a pizza Margherita. It was delicious! After that we began walking to the altstadt (old city/town), but as it started raining we decided to go back to the car and drive back home (a mere hour away, nothing compared to the terrible 7 hour trip from CDG airport to Enkirch). Tonight we are having chicken with cheese and tomato, it should be delicious.


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