Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe 2017! Extremely Cute Enkirch!

Hi all,

We are in Enkirch now. After a 7 hour drive and a 6 hour wait at the airport plus a flight time of around 2 hours. Yes, yesterday was a long day. We got to bed at 12:30 am, after getting up at about 5 am. Plus the stress of moving countries. I was tired and I wasn’t even driving!

Enkirch is a really cute town situated in the Mosel valley. It has lots of timber framed buildings, with overhangs and little terraces dotting the picturesque view. Today we had a walk around town, and bought some bread and sausages (in German). I don’t know if you have heard about our language points competition. I will assume you have (from reading my previous blogs), and so I’m proud to say that I’ve won today.

I also have to point out that I had a great breakfast on the last day of the cruise ship – a triple waffle stack with maple syrup and whipped cream. It was delicious! Loaded with sugar though. Unfortunately.

Anyway on that note I’ll end the blog.

Happy reading!


Views from our windows. It’s such a nice town!


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