Gorgeous Germany-the amazing lense has his first day on the Mosel

Day 1 in Germany
Hi everyone,
Today we woke up after half an hour’s rest. I say that because some genius thought it would be a good idea to land in Paris, instead of Frankfurt, hire a car, and drive 8 and a 1/2 hours to our destination, Enkirch, along the stunning Mosel river. Today was exploration day, checking out the town and buying left, right and centre for our meals this week. When we reached the end of the town, we found the Mosel, and a gorgeous mountain that literally took our breath away. I spent a minute trying to recall where I had seen a better view, than realised that this one was the best I had seen in my entire life. The weather helped too,warm air whispering through the trees and the sun shining. We stopped at a huge playground that had a flying fox for morning tea, and then commenced a short walk along the riverbank. 100 metres later we found a brook babbling cheerfully through the countryside, and a caravan park. What a place! Leaping the stream, we walked through our town full of beautiful half timbered houses, and found our home away from home, nestled next to a church spire and a hotel. Our house has a balcony through which amazing views can be seen, and four levels of rooms (although each level is tiny). It seems the only thing missing here is Dad, so I hope he can FaceTime us soon! At the moment I am sitting down writing this blog while aromatic smells of dinner waft through the air. I am looking forward to tomorrow, and our time in Enkirch promises to be an absolute blast!

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