Exhausted at Enkirch

Hi all. Once again I have been forced to write a blog. After watching a ‘thrilling’ movie called Rio, I was called downstairs to the kitchen bench where I was usually given jobs but this time the result was much much worse. The task that we were given was either to write a blog or do the washing, help cook dinner, and write our blog. Mrs Mug and I obviously chose the first option which included only writing a blog. After unsuccessfully writing the first paragraph of my blog because the keyboard split, I was called down to dinner after exhausting day.

We started our exhausting day with a turn about our town. This town dated back to the Stone Age. After getting to our small little house at 12am in the morning we were all exhausted, especially Mrs Mug. After being told by our mother that, “we were getting food supplies,” this statement was soon smashed into the ground when we walked down to the local park. The next thing we knew they were ordering cups of tea and coffees. As Dad wasn’t here we didn’t get a hot chocolate. Suprisingly, the park was actually quite enjoyable. After rescuing Mrs Mug from the Mosel we made our way back to our petite home. You might be thinking, ‘how can a day be so quite and calm for busy people like the Andersons?’ Well, as I explained before, we went to bed at 1am, so we were tired.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching a movie and of course 98% of our free time was spent doing our blogs.

If there is anyway I can improve my writing style please tell me and I will fix it.
Hopefully this blog has given you a little humour or if not hopefully it crafted a smile on your face.
Well, by for now.
Love Daniel


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