Cruising with the Getaway

The Adventures of Mrs Mug on the Cruise Ship

Hi all. Because this blog would take too long to write each day with description, my manager, the extravagant Mrs Mug, has made a executive decision on behalf of all the team that I will write each day. Because we were cruising for nine days, you can imagine that this would have taken me quite a while. But alas, I have been forced by a cruel governess to write a blog. So, here goes.

Day 1:
We started our luxurious lifestyle with lunch at one of my favourite places, the Garden Buffet. With everything that you could hope to eat, the Garden Buffet has it all. From gorging yourself with soft serve ice cream to savouring the delicious taste of your favourite foods, the buffet has it all. Now, I might sound like a walking advertisement, I wasn’t the only one to love this amazing buffet. Mrs Mug was also loving it. While settling into our evening with table tennis, others saw a opportunity to relax on the comfy blue chairs in the buffet and watch this amazing ship set sail.

Day 2:

Mrs Mug and I started the day with an alarm that to my ears sounded like a dying cat. After hearing this putrid sound, I was dashing around the room trying to pick up clothes for the shower. After taking a three hour bus trip we arrived into the incredible city of Berlin. After being shattered by WW1 and WW2 Germany has rebuilt most of the ruins that nearly ended the city forever. After visiting the Olympic stadium ( which had a 200 pound bomb under it💣) we started an exhausting tour of Berlin.

Day 3:
Sea day. There isn’t much to write about today.

Day 4:
Tallinn was one of my favourite days. After sightseeing all of the beautiful streets, we took hundreds of steps up a church tower and found the prized jewel that we were looking for. A stunning view of the city.

Day 5-Day 6:
Today was probably my favourite day of all. While touring St Petersburg we soon found out all the gruesome history. From riding a subway to visiting extravagant palaces, St Petersburg was the prized gem of our trip. My favourite thing in St Petersburg was the Peterhof palace. The amazing fountains and the canals were a real highlight for me and Mrs Mug. Sadly, this amazing place was destroyed by the Germans, but rebuilt later.

Day 7:
Helsinki was an amazing place and cold as well. I am extremely glad that we went here.

Day 8:
Stockholm was an awesome place and the reason why the name of Stockholm came about is that holm means island and stock means where the trees are. The most interesting thing in Stockholm was the Vasa. This ship was 98% preserved because the water in Stockholm harbor is 0.05g of salt per 100g of water. You might be thinking, didn’t this ship come from Stockholm? Well this ship wasn’t gunned down or sunken in a horrendous storm. It sunk on its maiden voyage. In fact it didn’t even make it out of the harbour. With a huge amount of restoration, the ship was brought back to life. The reason why Mrs Mug doesn’t appear in any photos is that every time we took her out of the ship the security alarm beeped. The security took a close look at her and realised they had “Mug shots of her” so they didn’t let her off.

Day 9:
Sea Day

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  1. It’s good to have seen your ‘Mug shot’ at last as I’ve been wondering about your appearance. Your cruise seems mugnificent. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope that the rest of your travels go well. Lots of love, Mugpa

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