Propelled by poncho through Estonia

Tallinn town hall
Poncho issues

Yesterday we enjoyed a ‘sea day’ on our cruise ship. Unfortunately, I’ve picked up a cold and so I have not been very energetic. The kids have made up for it! They tackled table tennis, the rock climbing wall, a death defying trip around the ropes course at the top of the ship (Tim chickened out half way through), basketball, bowling (Matthew), the water slides and pool, as well as ate their way through mountains of food.

Today we rolled into Tallin, Estonia. The rain poured down this morning, so we all donned ponchos (the Anderson tribe minus Josh who was too cool for one) and raincoats (the more sensible option that Mum and Dad brought with them). There were many jokes and no appreciation for the person who made us bring ponchos (me), as most of us ripped them while putting them on. Tim managed to lose his arm entirely.

Thankfully, the rain quickly stopped, and so we wandered around the lovely old town. Tallin was not bombed in WWII, and so there are masses of beautiful old buildings. There are many remnants of the original town wall dating back to the 1300s. We climbed up a tower inside a church to view the town, and could see our enormous ship in the distance.

I’m currently typing this from the cruise ship terminal where there is free wifi, and we need to go in for lunch. I’ll might have more if a chance to use the Internet tomorrow in St Petersburg. Sorry about the lack of photos- too hard to load turn on with limited internet.

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  1. Whatever happened to my yesterday’s comment?
    We do hope that you’ll soon befullywellKaren. From the cruise line website, we see that you’ve made it to St Petersburg where Sue and Fairwere thwarted from going due to Tim’s first DVT. So Tim, Mum needs to you pay close attention and report thoroughly!
    We’re half-way home in Port Augusta (not your favourite place). Did we mention that after having our pneumatic struts replaced in Alice, that one of the new pair snapped and had to be re-repaired by putting back the good old one. That made our longest 688km day to Coober Pedy even longer.
    Enjoy St Petersburg and love to all, D/I/G
    PS We’re missing the boys’ posts. So perhaps some persuasion is needed?

  2. Although we’ve seen Matthew in Tallin, are Josh, Caleb and Daniel and Mrs Mug still with you? Or do they just have writers’ fatigue?
    In Mildura tonight so we’re sneaking up on home.
    Lots of love to all.

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