Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe: Expensive eating and heavenly harbours

Hi all,

I am writing this blog because apparently we have to write one every day (not what I was told at the beginning of the trip). But that’s okay, you all enjoy reading them so why not?

So today we visited an art gallery, and also walked around the harbour of Copenhagen. The art gallery had many paintings and sculptures by famous artists, including Augustine Rodin (who did the thinker). It was great! However, I didn’t actually see a lot of it because I had a terrible headache through the whole gallery. After that (and a Panadol) I was feeling a lot better, and so we went on a walk around the harbour of Copenhagen. This harboured (no pun intended) many nice (and unbelievably expensive) restaurants. After looking at our options, I eventually decided on a chocolate and banana crepe which was delicious. I polished that off pretty quickly and then moved on to a Belgian waffle with soft serve ice cream. Even though the soft serve was not as good or as cheap as Maccas, the waffle certainly made up for it. Anyway, after lunch we went for another walk to the round tower, a tower that is (suprisingly) round. I know, I was shocked. It is basically this giant (34.5 metres tall to be exact) tower that has a circular walkway going up the entire thing. This walkway was, according to Daniel, used to transport cannons up to the top. I said it was for building the tower (I was right).

After the aptly named tower, we went on yet another walk, more correctly known as a wild goose chase towards what was supposed to be one of Copenhagen’s many train stations. It turned out that dad had actually lead us in the wrong direction, and so I stepped in (before we could walk another 5km) and lead us to the train station using mum’s phone. What a hero!!!

(Parental prerogative to correct the facts. The wrong turn only took us 400m off track and not the factually incorrect slander of 5km as outlined above. Josh was a hero though to recover my mistake. Dad)

So that was our day. Now I am writing my blog and listening to MarioKart and Star Wars music. What a day!


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  1. Hi Josh.
    Even if you are compelled to write them, Grandma and I enjoy reading all that you, your brothers and Mum and Dad post on your blog. They are the first thing I read after my early morning trip outside to log on to the public wifi. Therefore,please keep them coming so that we may continue to read of your family’s adventures. Unfortunately though, I simply cannot keep up with replying to all family blogs: not only have I not yet had time to respond to yesterday’s, there are more today and I cannot even find my ‘mugnificent’ (with as many ‘mug’ words as I could squeeze in) reply to Daniel at the weekend and, because of the intermittent signal, I even lost the first attempt to send this. Ah well, we’ll have more reliable reception and internet after we leave here on Friday and begin to head home after a necessary repair to our camper trailer in Alice Springs.
    ‘Bye for now and lots of love to you all,

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