Mum and Dad joined us late last night, having flown in from Lisbon. Today was a beautiful sunny day in Copenhagen. We began at the art gallery, which was superb. It was very strange to see the high quality paintings and sculptures on display with virtually no other people fighting to see them. Artists ranged from Monet, Degas, Rodin and Pissarro to Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso and Miro. The building itself was a work of art, with marble everywhere and a beautiful ‘winter garden’ in the entrance, with plants and a fishpond that was a highlight for Matthew.

Daniel and a Rodin
My favourite- a Renoir
Caleb’s favourite- a Pissarro



After we felt suitably cultured, we walked to do a boat cruise. Instead of paying a fortune, we did the ‘poor man’s’ version and took a boat bus which was included on our metro pass tickets. It took some going to get to the boat bus- we had to run across two lanes of marathon runners first, and it seemed like all of Copenhagen were out running! We saw the Little Mermaid as a blob in the distance, which was plenty for our party. More interesting to our crew were the warships and submarine in port. We alighted at Nyhaven, gazing enviously at the many that were enjoying eating at restaurants along the canal. Instead, we opted for crepes and hotdogs, followed by icecreams- a pretty good (if not exactly healthy) second choice! The Round Tower (built in the 17th Century) was our final tourist destination. This tower was the first observatory built in Europe, and still operates as one. There was a good view from the top, and an interesting glass panel that showed the alarming drop to the bottom.

Matthew was still running this afternoon, after our 12kms walked for the day, and was outside for another half hour playing on the apartment’s playground…I think we’d better give up on the idea of tiring him out!

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