Coffee catastrophe in Copenhagen

Hi all. When I first wrote my blog I thought it was voluntary but, alas, I have been somewhat forced to write. As always, all events in this blog are true.

Today, it was forecast to rain but surprisingly, the weather changed and it became the most pleasant of days. After showering in probably the most complex shower ever invented, I was hurried out of the door to rush to the amazing art gallery which to Dad, was rather dull. Before this though, Dad ¬†bought a 45 Kroner coffee, which in Australian dollars was a whopping $9. This ¬†‘dull’ art gallery included Monets, De-gasses, Rodins, Picassos, Gaugains and Patissas. Even though the art gallery didn’t have the most famous of the artists’ work, there was a piece of the Ishtar gate! While Mum, Josh and Gran travelled into where the greater part of where most of the statues were kept, we relaxed on the benches of the Winter Garden. In most countries, winter is cold, right? Well, the Winter Garden was one of the hottest places I’ve ever been. While stripping off all our layers, Matthew dropped his car into a pond while a tour guide walked past. After this catastrophe, we travelled out to the Water Taxi which surprisingly wasn’t yellow. We had to walk about a kilometre to get to this taxi because there was a fun run passing through our path. This is where the saying “No child left behind” takes place. While most of us ran across the road, Josh was left behind. Then Poppy was also stopped and Mrs Mug was dramatically bowled over.¬†Eventually we found the water taxi just as it was leaving.

The Round Tower was the next item on our list, and as you can tell from the name, the tower was round. After a long walk up the tower, we found another amazing view. After walking the wrong way to the train station, error made by Dad, we eventually hopped on the train and went home. Our tiedest traveller was of course Mrs Mug, as she has no legs.


When home, we slumped on the coach and turned into bed early. Thank you for reading this blog – hopefully it is to your satisfaction – if not, please tell me.

Love Daniel


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  1. Hi Daniel.
    I’m sorry that my ‘mugnificent’response from the weekend seems to have got lost by our intermittent public wifi. In it, I crammed in as many ‘mug’ words as I could by re-spelling words beginning with ‘mag’. Ah well, there will be other opportunities.
    Keep your blogs coming please. Grandma and I love reading them.
    Lots of love, Grandpa

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