Tremendous Tivoli

Hi all. I’d like to say I am very sorry for not writing in the last few days.  I have been very distracted by all the attractions that we have been seeing. For the past few days our energetic holiday was actually kind of dull. I know what you might be thinking. A fast moving family like the Andersons actually sat back and relaxed. Well, apart from getting sopping wet and supposed duct on the plane we eventually arrived in the amazing capital of Denmark. The famously expensive Copenhagen. After debating what to do, Mum and a Dad quickly looked up the weather forecast and found that it was going to be a ‘splendid’ day. The reason why I say splendid in talking marks is because as we said this word it started to pour for about half an hour. Matthew and Mrs Mug were out enjoying the short lived sunshine when it did start to pour. We were pleasantly surprised when it stopped raining. We decided to take this bull by the horns and charge into the amazing grounds of Tivoli Gardens. Caleb, Mrs Mug and I were extremely excited about this because as you probably know already we love theme parks. After a slight dilemma with our tickets we finally rode our first ride. After this terrifying roller coaster which as the name doesn’t suggest, it didn’t coast around, we rode a laser shooting ride that went through an ‘animal’ operated mine. With Josh coming out with the top score we decided to have a delicious and nutritious lunch of a burger,chips and a Pepsi or for Caleb and Josh, a Miranda which is a bit like a Fanta. After lunch we rode on the terrifying Dragon which was a Chinese ride. Mrs Mug was disqualified from riding this because of her height. This ride had virtual reality on it but this cost another $5 Australian dollars. This ride had three loops that we actually went upside down on. Caleb suprisingly loved this ride, and I was called upon to ride it again with him even after getting a headache while riding the Dragon the first time. After a Mammoth sized ice cream, we finally decided to head home to our humble apartment after an exhausting day.

I’m sorry this blog is so short. I am exhausted now but I wrote it because I haven’t written a blog in ages.

Love Daniel and Mrs Mug and her passed husband.

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