Josh’s Blog – Back 3 Europe 2017! Majestic Middle-Europe (Switzerland)

Hi all,

We began the day by getting up at 6am. Dad wanted an early start and so this is what we did. The funny thing is that I had been waking up at 4:30am previously, and the one day that I didn’t was today. How does that work? Anyway, after driving for around 2 hours (nothing compared to the 26 hour plane flight) we arrived at our destination: Lucerne (Luzerne), Switzerland. After deducting (from asking the information person) that the cable car up to the mountains wasn’t working due to the high wind, we travelled around the mountain to where the cog train was. These trains go up such steep tracks that they need cogs to effectively ‘pull’ them up the mountain. The ride took about 30 minutes. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we discovered why the cable car wasn’t operating. The wind was really powerful! After having lunch in the main viewing area (which afforded a stunning view of the surrounding countryside), Dad, Caleb and I decided to walk to one of the summits (there were three). I nearly got blown off the mountain by the gusts on the top of the peak. It was crazy! After that we had a bowl of chips in the self-serving restaurant near the peak we climbed. Interesting as the mountain was, after about 2 hours we had had enough so we took the train back down.

We hadn’t quite finished with Switzerland yet, so we drove to a really nice park and had ice cream. It was 26 degrees (according to the car)! After that nice 20 minute break we hopped in the car and drove home. We are having pasta for dinner tonight – some authentic French cuisine.

So that was our day; mountains, parks and ice cream.


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  1. Hi Josh.

    What you, Dad and Caleb wrote,yesterday seems to have been quite an adventure. Grandma and I are very, very glad that you weren’t blown away in the heavy winds. Eating pasta for dinner in France just doesn’t seem right, even if you had come from Switzerland which shares a border with Italy.
    How good is it to have visited three countries from you base? That’s something which is so unfamiliar to Australians, especially since we have to drive four long days just to get home from where we are!
    What’s next on your agenda? Can you make it to Holland or Belgium from your base?
    Not much different happens here from day today, especially as the roads are so rough that we are reluctant to leave our little community of Haast’s Bluff. Since we arrived nearly three weeks ago, our car has travelled just 11km! But we’re OK, even though I have a bad and very itchy rash which the nurse at the clinic reckons is scabies which needs rubbing masses of cream onto my skin and washing all bedding. Thankfully though, we don’t seem to have nits for which the whole school was treated today.
    Grandma and I look forward to reading more of your adventures. Did you know that the Bugno family (minus William who has chosen to stay home) are about to land in Rome where Tom will celebrate his birthday next Monday. We have a much-travelled family!
    ‘Bye for now and lots of love from Grandma and me,

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