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Hi all. All events in this story are true

I’m extremely sorry that I didn’t write yesterday. The reason why I didn’t write is because I suddenly had a seizure of jet lag. This jet lag must be extremely contagious to mugs because before I could say espresso, Mrs Mug soon developed this mug prone disease.

I always had a theory that my mother tried to sneak in education whenever possible. Well this theory has been proven. When we were driving to the airport at 2:00am on Friday, Mum discussed a point system “to lighten up our day” (or in my case, get us to learn French).  If you had a conversation with a stranger then you gained a point. Caleb and soon found a loophole with this scheme of education. While we were in Colmar, we saw a tourist train rolling by on the road. All the passengers on the train were listening to a electronic tour with headphones on. While they were rolling past, Caleb shouted out “Bonjour. J’mapalle Caleb”. Because our touring train travelers were too busy listening to the tour, they couldn’t hear our eccentric friend shouting at them. Caleb’s hopes were soon dashed. The result of this undisciplined behaviour was that no point was awarded. The winner of the educational contest won €10! Most people know that I am an extremely good writer, an amazing sporting ability, a beautiful personality and a lot more, but I soon discovered that I am also exceptionally good at speaking French. From this long list of achievements you might have guessed already who won. Yes, the extraordinaire at languages, Daniel the great.

One of my favourite memories of the pretty town of Colmar is that we had a coffee (or in my case a hot chocolate) on the banks of the complicated name of little Venice. You can probably guess from the name that this place looked like a mini Venice. You might all be thinking “how come an amazing person like Daniel could possibly find this name complicated?”. Well, I was informed by an annoying traveller, Mrs Mug, that this Petite Venice actually meant it was Coffee Venice. After pocketing my €10, I was quite happy to settle down into bed at 7:30 because of jet lag.

Today, like all other days, I had a unnecessarily early start. When I went to bed at 7:30 the night before, I had hoped that I would sleep in. Unlike some people I know, a sleep in for me is a sleep until 7:00am. There are two reasons why I woke up at the ridiculous time of 3:58am. Firstly, I was woken up by the annoying sound of a coffee machine which Mrs Mug was using as her shower, and secondly, I had jet lag. The two words at the end of the last sentence strike fear into every traveller’s heart. After being rushed out of the door, we visited Germany. While in the car, we had a brief conflict in the the car of two wills wanting to do two different things. Stubban as a mule, Mrs Mug eventually defeated her frightened opponent, and decided that we as a family would go to the town of Breisach am Rhein. This town sounded like it was in the middle of nowhere, and for once I was wrong.

After touring Germany, we slumped on the coach relieved that our day was finally over. After eating our French cheese for the day, we prepared dinner and then Mum and Dad took a walk. Finally we all slumped into bed. From now on each day, I will reveal one clue on who won the French and German comp. Please guess in the comments below who has won. The winner of today’s name has been to Germany recently, and dominated others because of his German abilities.

I hope everyone enjoys this blog written by none other than the great Daniel Anderson. To those who thoroughly did not like my blog, please tell me any way I can possibly improve this post.


Love Daniel


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  1. My guess for today’s winner is Caleb. We are in queue for Guggenheim tickets now. We have only eaten one

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