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Hi all,

What a day. We started the day at the airport hotel in Paris. Despite what you may have heard from others, I would definitely NOT recommend it. Enough said about that. We began after breakfast by driving in the general direction of Colmar where we are staying – an 8 hour trip. You would think that after 26 hours on a plane we should have decided to not spend another 8 in another form of transport. But apparently this was better.

On a positive note, the house where we are staying is lovely. A typical French house, it has the wooden beams visible from the other wall (if that makes sense). It is pretty much impossible to park the car in the driveway though (I am so glad I still haven’t got my L’s), and the fridge is tiny, but apart from that it is a great place. The “hyper U” – a massive supermarket – is just 7,8 or 9 minutes away (depending on who you speak to) and the town is really quiet.

So that’s about it for our 2nd day, a long drive and a nice house.

And I’m sorry about the title – I couldn’t think of anything else.





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  1. Dear Josh, Brothers and Mum and Dad,
    Thank you for this post as we’d been thinking about you all and where you were along the journey. Did you look out on Haast’s Bluff as you flew over the NT a couple of hours into your flight?
    Just as well you are all young and energetic. There is no way that your paternal grandparents would have tackled an eight hour drive the day following a 26 hour journey, let alone one which began at 5am!
    Colmar looks an interesting place to return. We hope that you enjoy it and look forward to reading more as you travel.
    We’re having a very quiet weekend at the mid-point of our four weeks here.
    ‘Bye for now and lots of love,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Bonjour, nous sitting dans Le cafe dans Bayonne en France avec deux tea. Enough of the French spellcheck keeps changing what I type.
    Wonderful to read about your journey and your accommodation sounds nice. In Bayonne until tomorrow evening when we leave to face more rough seas. Our blog coming soon I think.

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